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Our Chinese  people have always loved bamboo, China is the earliest country in  researching ,cultivation and use of bamboo. The bamboo  had played a huge role in the development of Chinese history and culture and the formation of spiritual culture, bamboo had a long-standing  relationship with Chinese poetry ,calligraphy and paintings and landscape construction, and it's not hard to see that the bamboo is closely related to people's daily  life, so that China is known as "the kingdom of bamboo civilization". No plants like  bamboo can have such  a  profound influence on Chinese civilization.


1, Prevention of rheumatoid arthritis. Bamboo has the feature of automatic adjustment to maintain the temperature, warm in winter and cool in summer.

2, Health caring in vision. Bamboo texture has UV-absorbing function, color elegant, soft and warm, good for human vision, can reduce the incidence of myopia.

3, Reduce the noise. Bamboo itself has sound absorption, sound insulation, reducing the sound pressure, shorten the time of residual sound function .

4, Avoid allergic asthma . Bamboo after through high-temperature cooking, bleaching and carbonization, get rid of  all  the nutrients in bamboo fiber ,completely destroy the moth and bacteria ‘s living conditions, no mildew, can reduce asthma and allergies.

5, Natural features. Bamboo and people are both natural organisms, but  bamboo texture has rule changes in irregular, bamboo’s  natural color and special texture, as the song dynasty poet Su Dongpo  said "would rather feed without flesh, not living without bamboo ".Natural materials are a  symbol of elegance and preciousness . With the smell of natural fragrance, beautiful texture , is beneficial to physical and mental health.

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